Second Life

Not Just Man’s Best Friend

Not Just Man's Best Friend

Head: Simone Bento 3.0 – Lelutka

Body: Lara 4.1 – Maitreya

Applier: Emilia – YS&YS

Hair: Cumin – Mithral Apothecary

Eye Applier: Valeria Eyes – Zora, here on the Marketplace

Necklace: Moon Necklace* (from the Necklace Collection gacha) – Kibitz

Top: Ava T-Shirt~ – Kitja, discounted at the outlet!

Bottoms: Effi Shorts – Miss Chelsea, on sale at the Marketplace!

Boots: Leather Boots~ – Paper.Arrow

Dog: Splendid Spaniels 14. Blenheim Held* – Jian


(Credits with a tilde ~ mean that the clothing does not require a mesh body and will work fine with system avatars)

Second Life

How Did I Get Here?

How Did I Get Here?

Head: Amelie – Catwa

Body: Lara 4.1 – Maitreya

Applier: Evie – Pumec

Hair: Nell – Doe

Eyes: Sophia EyesZora

Necklace: Twisted Choker – Chain, Group Gift, $25L to Join

Top: Bell Sleeve Crop* – Imbue

Bottoms: Mesh Shaki Shorts – Addams, 50% off at SL14B!

Shoes: Scilla – Empire


Second Life

Day in the Sand

Day in the Sand

Head: Simone 2.7 Bento – LeLutka

Applier: Clary – Glam Affair, second sim is here!

Body: Lara – Maitreya

Sand on Face: Beach Sand – Izzie’s

Hair: Celeste – Truth

Eyes: Sophia EyesZora

Nails: Windlight – Alme

Top: Festival Kini Top – Birdy, at The Arcade, extra sims here and here!

Bottoms: Festival Kini Bottom- Birdy, at The Arcade, extra sims here and here!

Shoes: Tenerife – Essenz, currently having a sale until June 10!


Day in the Sand 2 Day in the Sand 3

Second Life

Wait A Minute

Wait A Minute

Head: Simone 2.6 Bento – LeLutka

Body: Lara – Maitreya

Shape: My Own

Applier: Carol – Glam Affair, at Uber (Cam shopping here if main sim is full)

Hair: Cardamom – Mithral Apothecary (Currently 50% Off Until April 1!)

Eyes: Natura Collection (#12 River)* – Insol

Top: Loli Hoodie Top – Blueberry, at Collabor88 (Cam shopping here and here if main sim is full)

Bottoms: Nasty Jeans – Evani (Also comes in standard sizes!)

Shoes: Charity Boots – Fri.


Wait A Minute Part 2

Second Life

In Love With Leather

In Love With Leather

Head: Simone 1.6 – LeLutka

Body: Lara – Maitreya

Applier: Noellia Apricot LeLutka Head – 7 Deadly s{K}ins

Hair: Cerys – Truth / On sale for 12 Days of Savings at the Marketplace! Variety for $120L and Basics for $75L each!

Eyes: Duo Eyes (Forest) – Buzzeri

Jacket & Top: Night Jacket (Comes with top) – Pixicat

Bottoms: Fall Tights – Pixicat

Shoes: Solidago – Empire


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